Fandoms of ‘PD48’ contestants want to bribe you with laptops, TVs, food for your vote

Produce 48‘ comes to an end on Friday, so we’re in the final stretches of voting, and boy howdy do the fandoms of these contestants want your fucking vote. How badly do they want your vote? Badly enough to drop thousands upon thousands of dollars on rewards if you vote for their fave.

The fandoms of many contestants are doing this, but I found six of them with easy to understand images promoting this. They range from Kwon Eunbi and Lee Chaeyeon fandoms offering food and stuff to Shitao Miu, Takeuchi Miyu, Kaeun, and Miyawaki Sakura fandoms offering everything from laptops to televisions to cosmetics to food to what I think is just straight fucking cash.

I don’t know what to say. This is just so overboard and ridiculous that I can only laugh.

The real winners of this? Random Koreans who don’t give a single fuck about this show who get free shit for like 10 minutes of their time.


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