MCST wants to prevent dearest SHAUN oppar (and Nilo oppar) from sweeping the year-end awards

The Ministry Of Culture, Sports, And Tourism (MCST) will continue to persecute oppars SHAUN and Nilo so that they can stop them from rightfully sweeping all the year-end awards.

MCST are now getting a company to look into allegations that the two topped the charts with the help of sajaegi. And because we all needed to this drag out as long as possible, they say that things will take a month just to compile the data and will then take longer than that to analyze it.

Regardless, I’m grateful for SHAUN and Nilo if for no other reason than they’re helping set the industry down the path to banning real-time charts. Additionally, either of them pulling a Busker Busker at the year-end awards would basically be the greatest collection of fandom buttmad in a while. Can you imagine? I can taste it.


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