Hara’s ex gives interview, alleges that she was the only one who got violent

After reports of authorities investigating Hara and her ex-boyfriend in connection with a domestic violence incident, with him being the one contacting police about her, Dispatch looked into the case and painted a picture of the ex instigating things and initiating the violence while Hara was simply defending herself.

While Hara has yet to say anything officially since she’s currently hospitalized, the ex gave an interview to The Chosun Ilbo to provide his side of the story.


The ex denied that he broke into Hara’s home, explaining that he knew the password and insinuating that he basically lived there.

After revealing that the two started a relationship after meeting on set of “My Mad Beauty Diary,” he denied the rumors that he had broken into her home. He stated that the password to her home’s front door was a combination of the date of their first meeting and another number. He also maintained, “Wouldn’t the SUV I own being registered at that villa be proof alone?”

He then claimed she initiated the violence due to him wanting to breakup, and that all he did was grab his own belonings.

He then confirmed the reports that Goo Hara had allegedly assaulted him after he wanted to end their relationship. He claimed, “Before I clocked out from work, I sent her a message that said, ‘Let’s break up.’ When she called me asking when I’d be home, I answered, ‘When the time is right.’ After coming home a little after midnight, we had an argument in the dressing room. I was assaulted then, and after grabbing my things, I reported [the incident] to the police.”

As far as reports that he got violent with her, he says he has never resorted to that with anybody, much less a woman. The ex added that if Hara sustained the injuries as reported, then it happened because he was trying to get her to calm down.

He then added, “I’ve never raised a fist at someone in my life. What’s more, I’ve never done so to a woman. If Goo Hara really did have bruises, then it’s because there was physical contact when I tried to calm her down as she hit and scratched me. It was not caused directly by my fist or other violence. I swear.”

After reports emerged that he was avoiding investigating authorities, the ex says he has no reason to hide and he only hasn’t talked with them because he’s still in shock.

When asked about rumors that he had gone into hiding and was avoiding calls from the police, he commented, “There’s no reason for me to go into hiding. However, I’ve yet to answer to the police because I’m still in shock. Some of the media’s comments like ‘If it’s Goo Hara, just live while being hit,’ and the claims that it was two-sided violence were shocking to see. Currently, no one has helped me. I’m not answering calls because I just don’t know what to do. My body and mind are in a very painful state. I was confused, and I couldn’t find anyone to give legal advice, but I will cooperate as much as I can with the police investigation with a lawyer I found through the help of an acquaintance.”

As far as what he wants out of this, the ex says he just wants an apology.

Finally, when asked if he would like to say anything to Goo Hara, he expressed disappointment in himself and Goo Hara, and asked for a sincere apology.

Yeah, the picture he’s painting here could absolutely be true, so I’m not sure what happened. It’s not like Dispatch has never gotten a story wrong before, so his side is something worth considering.


From the start of this I’ve said that nothing revealed has been necessarily convincing in terms of getting me to make conclusions about what actually happened, and that stance continues to hold up after this. Both sides of the story are plausible (and Hara hasn’t really given her side yet), and as far as I can tell there haven’t been any holes poked in either, just a lot of claims of this or that.

Should be interesting to hear what Hara says when she does have the opportunity, and also what the authorities eventually conclude in their investigation into this.


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