Hara hospitalized with injuries, Dispatch reports ex entered her home & kicked her awake

Yesterday it was revealed that Hara and her (ex-)boyfriend were being investigated by police in relation to a domestic violence incident. Her boyfriend reported that she assaulted him after he attempted to break up with her, while she claimed that the violence was mutual. Either way, it seemed like a bad situation.


Recently though, it was reported that Hara was the one who was hospitalized for injuries stemming from the incident.

On September 14, a representative from Goo Hara’s agency Content Y stated, “We have confirmed by contacting her family that Goo Hara has been admitted to the hospital due to what happened with her boyfriend, and she is receiving treatment.” The agency has stated that she was physically injured.

That seemed odd, but a report by Dispatch on what happened between the couple may shed light on the reason she was hurting, as it alleges that the ex-boyfriend started the violence.

According to reports, C, who’s a hair designer working in Kangnam known for his good looks, came to Hara’s Nonhyeon-dong villa at 1AM on September 13 KST. In a drunken state, C entered Hara’s home without informing her as he had the pass code for her front door. Once inside, he entered Hara’s bedroom, where she was asleep, and kicked her awake. He’s also reported to have thrown around and broken her house appliances and other items. A friend close to the former couple told Dispatch, “C kicked Hara first. It’s true he destroyed her house appliances and caused a disturbance.”

That is where things allegedly escalated into a fight between the two, which eventually became physical.

After she was awakened, Hara and C got into a verbal confrontation and things got heated quickly, turning into a physical fight. The fight left marks on C’s face as well as bruises on Hara’s body.

Authorities then got involved after the ex-boyfriend had left Hara’s home.

C is said to have contacted the police first when he left Hara’s home, telling them, “My girlfriend one-sidedly assaulted me.” At 3:30PM KST later that same day, C told investigators at the police station, “I was one-sidedly assaulted by my girlfriend,” showing them the marks on his face. Hara later told police, “C went into the home unauthorized, and he even destroyed appliances. I have bruises too because he hit me.” The police have photographs of the broken appliances, and they plan to investigate the assault incident more thoroughly. Furthermore, police might investigate C for home invasion and destruction of property.

If the Dispatch report is true, then this would obviously change a lot about the incident. Rather than Hara being the aggressor, the report makes her use of violence become self-defense against a drunken boyfriend who started things by entering her house without consent and initiating the violence.

Of course, a report by Dispatch is hardly sufficient evidence to draw concrete conclusions, but they’ve been right enough on details like this where it’s information worth considering until investigations into the matter are complete.


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