Hara provides her side of the story, says ex threatened to ruin her, gives photos of injuries & damage

After it emerged that a domestic violence incident between Hara and her ex (reported to police by the ex) was being investigated by authorities, Dispatch published a report that seemed to represent her side of things, while the ex went to the Chosun Ilbo to give his side. It was difficult to judge what was what at that point, but now Hara has provided her side of the story to Dispatch.


Hara disputes her ex’s version of the events leading up to the incident, saying that it didn’t start because of him wanting to breakup with her, but because he was jealous over Hara having lunch with another man along with her manager.

On September 10, Goo Hara ate lunch with her manager and “A,” a man who works in the industry. However, she told her boyfriend C that she was only eating with her manager. Through a phone call with her manager, C found out that A was also present at lunch and got angry at Goo Hara for lying. Goo Hara went to the hair salon that C works at on September 12 to explain herself, but C told her to just go home. When asked why she lied about A being present, Goo Hara explained, “He usually treats me well and is friendly. However, we fight whenever other men are brought up. He scarily changes if a close acquaintance or older friend contacts me. He says things that are hard to bear. I didn’t want to fight [over something like that], so I didn’t tell him when there was a gathering with other men. It was the same that day. I didn’t want to cause trouble.”

Meanwhile, it was reported that Hara’s roommate was party to what initiated the violence because they were both sleeping in the same room, and the roommate says the ex entered drunk and kicked Hara.

At 12:30 a.m., C walked into their home while drunk, and Goo Hara was sleeping in B’s room. B shared, “Unnie (Goo Hara) asked to sleep in the room together that day. I woke up at the sound of the door opening. C came into my room, and I pretended to be asleep. C said, ‘Are you able to sleep in a situation like this?’ and kicked Unnie. He sounded drunk.” Goo Hara and C walked out of the room and close the door. They began arguing. According to Goo Hara, “C cursed and pushed me, and I pushed C back. The fight got physical as I said, ‘Who are you to push me and curse at me like that?’ C grabbed my hair and pulled me. He pushed me with a whiteboard and threw the air purifier. I also scratched him in that process. We fought severely to the point that my body was bruised.”

As far as the injuries that Hara suffered and the damage done from the ex throwing things around, she revealed pictures to Dispatch.

Furthermore, Hara claims that her ex issued threats that he would ruin her career by going to the media. He seemingly followed through on the threats, as Dispatch revealed that he contacted them multiple times trying to give them the story.

Goo Hara said that he somewhat threatened her as he left the home at about 1:20 a.m. “As C was leaving, he said, ‘I’m going to f*** you up. I’m going to ruin your career as a celebrity.’ He said he had nothing to lose, and he also said that he would send a tip to Dispatch. I wanted to stop him somehow, so I sent him a Kakao message that we should meet and talk about it.” At 1:26 a.m., Dispatch actually received an email from someone speculated to be C with the title, “[[Tip]] Goo Hara.” The text says, “Goo Hara. I will give you a tip, so give me a call. 010-XXX-XXXX (C’s phone number). If you are late, I will give it to someone else.” The same person sent another email at 4:20 a.m. with the title, “Goo Hara Tip,” and the text, “It won’t disappoint. Contact me.” Dispatch attempted to call him afterwards, but he did not answer.

Hara didn’t want things to go public, so she tried to settle things with her ex privately by having the guy her ex was pissed at come over to talk things out.

After C left, Goo Hara sent him a message in hopes to block media reports. She told him that she would bring “A” to meet him and clear up the misunderstanding. The messages afterwards are as follows:
C: “You are talking on the phone for too long with A.”
Goo Hara: “You told me to tell the full story over the phone and tell him to kneel down in front of you?”
C: “What should I do?”
Goo Hara: “So let’s meet and talk. A says he’s almost here.”
C: “Talk? I don’t want to talk.”
Goo Hara: “I will make him kneel down. You said that’s what you want?”
C: “I washed my face, but thanks to you, I can’t go to work again. What should I do?”
C: “Ah ah sorry. You must have met that Oppa now. Sorry for disturbing your nightlife. I wanted to ask what I should do. If you don’t respond, I’ll just go to the police.”

As far as who that guy is, Hara’s roommate said he’s just somebody Hara has known for a while and they were meeting for work (she met him with her manager, after all), but her ex was always paranoid.

Goo Hara’s roommate B shared that A is a guy who works in the industry that Goo Hara has known for a long time, and the lunch meeting was also about an upcoming photo shoot. B added, “[C] was even suspicious about [males] she met because of work. He checked, ‘Who is he?’ ‘What does he do?’ and then he says vulgar words when he drinks. They are curse words that are too shameful to say. Unnie would lie to avoid fighting, and the vicious cycle continued. That day, Unnie had written a letter saying, ‘Let’s end it here,’ but C burned it [in the bathroom].”

Hara then apologizes for her involvement in this incident.

“I know what I did wrong. Regardless of the reason, I am apologetic. I did not want to become the subject of malicious gossip again. It was also embarrassing to do an interview over an incident like this. However, I thought that I have to reveal the truth immediately. Even if I am unable to work again, what is false is false.”

Hara concludes by sharing the reason she was in the hospital, as it wasn’t just the bruising but also internal injuries as well.

Goo Hara shared her diagnoses from the gynecologist and orthopedist. The diagnosis from the gynecologist reads, “uterus and vagina hemorrhage.” The orthopedist’s presumptive diagnosis lists, “cervical sprain,” “facial contusions and sprain,” “lower leg contusions and sprain,” “right forearm and additional sprains.”

She had proof of her injuries through medical reports, which she provided to Dispatch.



While this previously seemed to be a case where it could’ve gone either way, it feels like it’s almost impossible to remain completely neutral now. Unless it turns out that significant portions of her evidence were somehow fabricated, it seems like there was at least mutual violence at play here and it’s looking likely that Hara was the victim in all this.


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