Somi responded to bizarre hate comments about leaving JYPE for The Black Label

Somi surprisingly exited from JYP Entertainment last month, and then surprised again by signing with YG Entertainment subsidiary The Black Label a few days ago.

Since nothing about her departure or future has been made clear, that has left plenty of room for people to fill in the blanks themselves. And apparently that they have done, and everywhere on her social media are people lashing out at her for … I mean, honestly I have no idea what there is to be pissed at her for. Either way, Somi took the time to respond to a couple.

Hard to read much into that, and honestly I wasn’t going to cover this if it stopped there. However, what I did find interesting is the supposed comments of Somi and her father to a fansite.

I suppose that is the attitude one has to have towards random hate in order to survive as a celebrity. More importantly, if it’s true that stuff is already in the works for Somi, then the reason for the company switch and all that might really just be she wanted to go solo and do things her own way. Doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that, I suppose.


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