Hyosung can promote freely after court suspends TSE contract, but legal battle not over

Back in March of this year, Hyosung left SECRET and filed a lawsuit against TS Entertainment. Despite the fact that she claims TSE hasn’t paid her since 2015, all she wanted is to be let out of her current contract that lasts until 2021. In August, it was revealed that TSE was refusing to negotiate with Hyosung over the lawsuit, seemingly taking a hard-line stance that contract was valid and she would remain at the company whether she liked it or not.

Now it seems like that tactic might’ve been a mistake, as the latest news in the case is that Hyosung’s contract with TSE has been suspended, which allows her to work independently. That status on her contract will last indefinitely, likely until things are finalized, with the next court date in October. As one can imagine with a temporary ruling such as this, speculation is that the lawsuit is leaning decidedly in Hyosung’s favor at this point.

Given the mess that TSE has been recently (and in the past), I’m surprised that I’m surprised, but it’s always hard to be optimistic when it’s employees against companies. Thankfully, it seems like Hyosung will be free soon enough, but like with BAP and other groups under TSE, the question is whether they can bounce back from what TSE has already cost them with their incompetence.


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