Yenny (ex-Wonder Girls) cleared of the fraud charges that were connected to her father

About a month ago, it was revealed that former Wonder Girls member Yenny was being sued in connection with her father’s fraud, but she denied all involvement and her explanations definitely seemed believable at the time. Now Yenny has been cleared by authorities of fraud charges, though her father is not so lucky.

According to the Suseo Police Station on October 7, Yeeun and Park Young Gyun have completed investigation for fraud charges. As a result, only Park Young Gyun was forwarded to the prosecution with suggestion for indictment. Yeeun has been acquitted of charges by the police as she was found to have not participated in fraudulent activities with Park Young Gyun and has not received any investment money.

Makes sense, as there didn’t appear to be a whole lot to it aside from her being a public figure and trying to associate her with the father’s actions to get at her money.


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