Kyulkyung gets lead role in drama & Kyla seen working at a fair, which leaves Pristin somewhere I guess

In addition to Kyulkyung making a solo debut in China recently, it’s been revealed that she has landed a lead role in a Chinese drama called ‘Miss Truth‘.

Kyulkyung is confirmed as one of the lead in a Chinese drama “Miss Truth”. It will start filming today with other leads such as LiChengbin and LanBo. “Miss Truth” is an upcoming web drama that will be shown on Youku in 2019. It is based off of the eponymous Chinese internet novel. Jieqiong is acting as the main character, Ran Yan. In the book, Ran Yan is a modern day forensic doctor who gets sent back in time to the Tang dynasty.

Needless to say, she figures to be occupied with filming for that at least for a while.

Additionally, a member of Pristin that’s currently on ‘hiatus’, Kyla, has been seen working at a fair.

Well, that’s not preparing for a comeback.

I realize this creepy video of her isn’t best to promote and I don’t post about her whereabouts to dogpile on her and exacerbate the sea of terrible shit people are saying about her, but rather just to point out that … I mean what is going on with Pristin? They haven’t had a comeback as a full group since August of 2017. That was the year of their debut, so you’d think Pledis Entertainment would want to continue building their fanbase and recognition, but it certainly doesn’t seem like anything of the sort is imminent.

Even if one assumes that Kyla is all but officially out, Kyulkyung’s plans figure to throw a wrench into any potential comeback for a while more. We’ll see what happens, but this is a familiar feeling to somebody who liked After School.


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