Report that PRISTIN’s Xiyeon leaving group/company denied by Pledis

A report circulated yesterday that Xiyeon of PRISTIN had terminated her contract with Pledis Entertainment. It got to the point that the company issued a response, denying the rumors as groundless.

On October 25, the agency revealed, “The contract termination of PRISTIN’s Xiyeon is not true at all. She continues to be affiliated with Pledis and is currently training hard.” Previously, one media outlet had reported that the girl group member would be terminating her contract with Pledis and leaving PRISTIN.

Even as somebody who has wondered what the hell Pledis is doing with Pristin and feared that they’re already taking them down the After School route, this still would’ve been really shocking if it was true. Regardless, reports of one of your key members leaving is generally not what you want in the news about your relatively new marquee girl group.


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Thot Leader™