Arrest warrant for Hara’s ex rejected, judge says ex was just mad cause he got scratched

The police recently requested an arrest warrant for Hara‘s ex, Choi Jong Bum, relating to charges of blackmail over a sex tape he threatened her with and bodily harm over the extensive injuries she suffered that he inflicted during their domestic incident. However, a judge has rejected the request, basically saying that he was just mad cause he suffered those scratches.

After holding an investigation to determine the validity of the warrant, judge Lee Eon Hak rejected the request, saying that he does not see the need for arrest. He said, “The accused, after receiving wounds to the face that were serious enough to affect his everyday life, became angry and said he would release [media]. There is no circumstance that suggests that the content of the [media] or its explicit nature were revealed to a third party. It’s difficult to acknowledge that there are grounds or necessity for arrest.”

Definitely seems like that legislator was correct about the way blackmail/revenge porn laws are currently setup in Korea, and apparently so was the lawyer analysis on the way assault laws are. Terrible but I guess expected at this point.


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