Court says Iron should settle with ex in his appeal of assault conviction cause it doesn’t look good for him

Rapper Iron was convicted last July of assaulting his ex twice, but somehow managed to just get probation. The ex has appealed the sentence, understandably wanting harsher punishment, but apparently Iron has appealed as well. On the subject of Iron’s appeal of his conviction, the court recommended that he settle with his ex because things are not looking so rosy for him.

He explained to the court, “I simply agreed to the victim’s request for sadistic sexual intercourse, and I did not cause injury. But I do think it was wrong of me to hit her under the circumstances. She grabbed a knife, and the violence occurred while I was simply trying to stop her. I acted in self-defense.” In response to his claims, the court stated, “You have a history of a suspended sentence for drug charges prior to this case. For many reasons, it is unlikely that a decision will be made in your favor.” The court also advised, “You should apologize to the victim and come to an agreement with her. Hire an attorney.” After scheduling Iron’s next trial for October 25, the court added, “If there are no further developments in the case, we will make a decision on that date.”

While Iron definitely deserves this shit, it still boggles my mind that he was given probation for the crazy shit he did to his ex.


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