Hara & ex to both be charged with bodily harm, ex also gets blackmail & sexual violence charges

Hara and her ex Choi Jong Bum will both be charged with crimes over their domestic incident back in September, according to police. While they with both face bodily harm charges, the ex will face additional charges of blackmail and sexual violence.

On November 7, Gangnam Police Station revealed that they are planning to send both Goo Hara and Choi Jong Bum to the prosecutor’s office. Goo Hara will be indicted for bodily harm charges, and Choi Jong Bum will be indicted for bodily harm, blackmail, and sexual violence charges. They will be sent to the prosecutor’s office no later than November 9.

Police revealed that they found the ex had photos of Hara on her phone that could cause sexual humiliation and had been taken without her consent.

The police revealed that they found more photos of Goo Hara, which appear to have been taken without Goo Hara’s knowledge, on Choi Jong Bum’s phone during the digital forensics performed on his confiscated materials. A source from the police said, “The photos were taken in a specific place at similar times, and there were more than one photo. The photos looked like they were enough to cause sexual humiliation from [Goo Hara’s] point of view.”

While many will understandably bristle at the fact that Hara is being charged for what essentially amounted to a bunch of superficial facial scratches on her ex, given the way the law is setup in Korea, this was always a likely outcome and is why Hara went the dual assault route from the start since self defense would be difficult to prove.

Heck, it’s honestly kind of a miracle that the ex will be charged with blackmail and sexual violence. Last we heard, it didn’t seem like he’d be held accountable for the sex tape threat at all because that’s just how the revenge porn laws were setup, but since the police found pictures on his phone as well it seems like he will be charged after all.


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