Big Hit’s new boy group to reportedly be 5-member group with average age of 17 and different concept from BTS

A few days ago Big Hit Entertainment confirmed plans for a new boy group set to debut next year, but didn’t give much the way of details. A recent report aims to fill in the gaps a bit, adding details that they’ll be a five-member group, that they’ll average 17 years of age, and will have a different concept from BTS.

According to multiple industry sources, the new boy group debuting early next year will be composed of five members with an average age of 17. The boy group will reportedly have a different concept to their agency seniors BTS. Big Hit Entertainment’s CEO Bang Shi Hyuk has helped BTS rise as international stars after paying special attention to the group’s album production, music videos, performances, stage direction, and other details relating to music. The industry insiders have judged that these know-hows will naturally sink into the new rookie group as well.

If true, then it sounds good to me so far.

The average age seems about ideal nowadays, five members instead of like 30 or whatever should be nice, and going a different direction from BTS is only sensible as trying to emulate them would likely be disastrous on a bunch of fronts.


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