EXID drag their company on ‘Weekly Idol’, do “I Love You” relay dance, are awesome

EXID were guests recently on ‘Weekly Idol‘, and while there they did the usual stuff, including the roller coaster dance and the random play dance.

Most importantly though, they revealed how Banana Culture is fucking up.

Of course Hyelin leads the revolt.

As mentioned, Solji dragged them on ‘Idol Radio‘ as well.

The whole episode is nice. Honestly, probably the first one I’ve watched in a while.

They also did an “I Love You” relay dance video for M2.

Perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly, they admitted on ‘Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song Of Hope that while Solji was on hiatus they still gave her an even share.

Kim Shin Young commented, “I heard that Hani suggested that the members should split their income equally even while Solji was on hiatus.” Affirming how they divided their income, Hani explained, “I wasn’t the only one to have that opinion. It was something all the other members were thinking. That’s why we split our income evenly when Solji was on hiatus.” She added, “Recently, we get paid individually.”

We love unselfish queens who privately love each other but publicly dunk on each other.


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