Brand New Music announces San E is no longer with the label, as they know where their future lies

San E is in the middle of a mess regarding feminism that he made for himself, and now Brand New Music has announced that they have parted ways with the rapper.

Our exclusive contract with San E has ended,” the company stated. “After a deep discussion with the artist, we agreed to cut ties.” Brand New Music concluded by thanking San E and his fans.


Of course, it’s unlikely Brand New Music decided to go this route for moral over financial reasons. Because while San E has been the company’s breadwinner for a while now, Rhymer knows the company’s future lies with their artists in WANNA ONE (Daehwi, Woojin), MXM (Donghyun, Youngmin), and whatever boy group they debut. Dude definitely doesn’t want them being stuck with San E’s mid-life crisis baggage (or whatever is going on), so retaining San E and seeing this through simply wasn’t gonna be worth the risk.

Anyway, I know the popular thing to do internationally will be to assume San E’s career is fucked, but I honestly don’t think so. There’s definitely a significant market out there in Korea for the path him and his music are going down.


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