The East Light staff gets involved & brothers’ father denies abuse, but people are getting sidetracked

Following The East Light‘s company holding a press conference to defend themselves as not involved in Moon Young Il‘s abuse of Lee Seok Cheol and Lee Seung Hyun using two band members (Jung Sa Gang, Lee Eun Sung), I didn’t think it could get a whole lot messier, but it definitely has.

Media Line Entertainment, apparently not satisfied with the press conference, recently released a statement.

From the moment the press reported on this matter, we’ve consistently taken moral responsibility regarding the actions of our employees. Due to concern for further harm to the brothers Lee Seok Cheol and Lee Seung Hyun as well as the other members of The East Light, we refrained from responding through press. However, the plaintiff’s side, who has been speaking to press since the beginning, is saying that we’re making false claims with no facts.

They basically reiterated the talking points from the press conference.

As for a rebuttal to that, the father of the brothers refuted charges he was responsible for the abuse.

Media Line’s claim that Lee Seok Cheol’s father abused the brothers was denied by the father, who said in an interview with Xportsnews that it’s not true. He asked that Media Line produce evidence to support their claims and revealed that he plans to sue for defamation.

The brothers also responded through their lawyer in a statement.

Regarding Media Line’s [December 26] press conference, we’ve expressed that they should submit evidence if they have any to prosecutors, who are currently investigating the matter. Considering that there were no facts discussed during the press conference, but rather false claims, we previously released a bare minimum rebuttal. Today, Media Line once again sent out another press release and documents to the media refuting our claims. This is an attempt to influence the investigation with indiscriminate claims and documents released through press, and it’s incredibly unjust. On the claims made during Media Line’s [December 26] press conference, we are preparing a detailed rebuttal, and will be submitting it to prosecutors, in addition to a rebuttal made regarding Media Line’s additional claims made today [December 28]. Following, Media Line should stop trying to influence the investigation through the press and simply submit necessary statements or evidence to prosecutors.

Okay, so that is a rather expected back-and-forth continuing on through the media, but now the Instagram account of The East Light has been taken over by the staff, and they are also saying they have evidence of the truth.

Again though, while I understand the need to clarify exactly who was involved with the abuse and what happened, it bothers me that people are just kinda glossing over the fact that nobody denies these kids were getting abused as if that shouldn’t be the main issue here.

Like seriously, it feels like everybody is taking exactly that approach to it. Even the staff post just kinda mentions it as if it’s a throwaway thing to admit and then redirects the focus to what they truly seem to care about, which is whether the brothers are embellishing their story and how much responsibility the company had for it.

Whole thing fucking stinks, man.


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