Lee Seok Cheol & Lee Seung Hyun (The East Light) deny agency’s rebuttal of their claims

The East Light brothers Lee Seok Cheol and Lee Seung Hyun gave testimony today at the Seoul Central Prosecutor’s Office regarding their producer Moon Young Il assaulting them, and outside they talked with the media about the recent Media Line Entertainment press conference where the company gave their side of the story.


Lee Seok Cheol started things by issuing a broad denial about what was said about him in the press conference.

“I was upset to hear them saying that I made statements I know I never made. I will continue to do my best to speak honestly for the investigation, and I will speak to them about the actions I am accused of taking that I never did.”

He then denied charges by CEO Kim Chang Hwan that his father was responsible for much of the abuse.

“He’s never hit us. We’re hurt by their claims. They claimed that he [our father] hit us with a golf club but not only does my father not golf, we’re not well-off enough for my father to afford to golf. Hearing that made me feel so sorry to my father and made me think, ‘Was I wrong for decided to pursue a career in music?’ I’ve always been proud of my father and he has never assaulted us. We’re a family who prefers to talk things out when there’s an issue, and I’m upset that their one statement has made my father a bad father.”

Lee Seok Cheol also denied claims that the severity of Moon Young Il’s assaults were exaggerated, explaining that everything he said was simply recounting his personal experience.

Also, there was video revealed at the time of the press conference that showed the father of the brothers taking music equipment from the company, which Media Line Entertainment used to claim he was stealing from them. But Lee Seok Cheol explained that they were basically his … or something.

“The CCTV footage is from the day before my press conference in October. Some of those instruments were personal ones. The agency says we stole the instruments, but I don’t see it that way. Some of the instruments were paid for by the agency, but they don’t even know what those instruments are, how they were bought, and how they are used. I went to buy the instruments myself and I was the only one who took care of them. The agency gave me full rights to own and care for the instruments, and I personally paid for all repair costs. Also, I don’t think they can call it theft when my exclusive contract with them is still valid and I am still technically under Media Line.”

Honestly, the explanation seems to be tip-toeing around what was basically an admission that it was indeed company property.

As far as Lee Seung Hyun is concerned, he didn’t say much, but he did also issue a denial of the company’s claims.

“I’ve never acted in the ways the agency claimed I did. I don’t think it was fair that they kicked me out completely. I will talk about everything during the investigation.”

So yeah, around and around we go.


Due to abuse in some form being admitted to by all parties and Moon Young Il currently being in jail, it makes sense to side with the brothers in terms of the assaults and probably how much the company knew about the violence as well. That said, it still seems possible that their father did beat them or that he stole music equipment.

Again though, through all this back and forth, the important thing to keep in mind is that kids were abused by adults with power over them.


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