Subin wants everybody to know that Dal Shabet are not dead in a ditch yet

Subin, who currently has her Makestar going and is also like Nikita or something, wants to remind all you dumb motherfuckers (like me) that Dal Shabet have not in fact disbanded.

“Lots of people ask whether Dal Shabet has disbanded, but we haven’t,” said Subin. “Even at our New Year’s get-together, the other [Dal Shabet] members and I talked about how we want to get together and promote as a group from now on.”

Look, I’m obviously all for Dal Shabet making a comeback, and no doubt the girls seem to still be close so it’s possible. But realistically, it does seem like an uphill battle, because even groups who were popular have trouble getting back together with members scattered, much less those who may not get the same financial windfall out of it.


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