Hyomin talks potential T-ara reunion for 10th anniversary

Amazingly, 2019 represents the 10th anniversary of T-ara‘s debut. And following the members talking about a reunion, as well as the group’s victory over MBK Entertainment in regards to the name, Hyomin expressed the desire to at least get back together to celebrate it with fans.

“We try to make time for each other, especially because we’re approaching our 10th anniversary. We talked about whether it’s alright to leave things the way they are, and we also said it would be nice if we could arrange a small event to meet with our fans. We still have time, so we’re slowly and carefully making preparations,” she said.

I swear to god they better not do all this teasing only to not do shit, especially with seemingly every Tom, Dick, and Harry of girl groups getting back together for at least a moment.


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