A Pink drop choreo vid for “Eung Eung”, Bomi dances with Awesome Haeun

Okay, so I think I’ve finally decided on using “Eung Eung” instead of “%%“, since that’s just the hangul rotated slightly. Well, now that the truly important stuff is out of the way, A Pink continue to promote their hit song with a choreography video.

While I didn’t review the song for the site, I do agree that it successfully carries over the momentum from “I’m So Sick” and seems to even take it to the next level. Needless to say, their reinvention is going swimmingly.

One disappointing thing is they haven’t seemed to provide much content promoting it, as I was just able to find the choreography video and this collab video with Bomi and Na Ha Eun (Awesome Haeun), which is just as much for Bomi’s YouTube as A Pink.

Moar content, plz. Don’t skimp out now that I actually like the musical direction, dammit.


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