YG posts about Seungri apologizing to him for recent concert mess

After video of Big Bang‘s Seungri talking about YG forgetting his concert and not providing adequate support went viral recently, YG posted an apology from Seungri on Instagram.

Seungri’s message begins with two characters that are used to symbolize tears. Seungri wrote, “I will put an end to the controversy. I’m sorry for everything. I wanted to be funny while talking and I think I went a bit overboard.” Yang Hyun Suk also shared a screenshot of a news article that reports that fans had begun a project on Twitter and Instagram to trend the phrase “YG Treat Seungri Right.” It reported that fans had stated that Yang Hyun Suk was deleting comments of complaint on his Instagram about a lack of support for Seungri at his recent Hong Kong concert, and quoted fans as saying they would continue the hashtag project until YG’s treatment of Seungri changed. Yang Hyun Suk responded in the caption to his Instagram post. He first wrote the words “YG,” “Seungri,” and “VIP” with hearts in between, and went on to say, “I have never deleted comments in my life time. I wish everyone a happy new year.”

Sure, at the time I acknowledged that Seungri said he was joking and that he does like to joke about stuff in a self-deprecating way. Absolutely. But the skepticism of this being all hunky-dory comes in the belief that behind the ‘joke’ that Seungri did actually feel disrespected, and much like with other ‘jokes’ he makes about less than ideal situations, the point is that there’s a hint of unspoken truth at the foundation of them that makes them funny. And at the end of the day, he still had two backup dancers and no band, after all.



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