DJ Soda posts on Instagram about sexual harassment by French DJ

DJ Soda took to Instagram recently to post about being sexually harassed by French DJ HUGEL, who she says was helped by her before, also alluding to many other similar incidents that she’s endured.

I got sexually harassed by French dj in London who I helped in the past by promoting his music. He made a vulgar comment about one particular part of my body. He said it was a just a joke after I told him that I was upset by his comment. I’ve had so many unimaginable cases of sexual harassment by many people in my life, but I’ve endured them for fear of being retaliated against for being a celebrity, but I don’t want to be hurt anymore.

Predictably, due to her public image, many are less than sympathetic about this. However, I’m not sure how that should have anything to do with being propositioned in DMs after she makes it clear she wants nothing to do with it.


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