The Ballad Of @waterdeer12

Out of the recent beef (I dunno what about this time, nothing that important since nobody is throwing eggs) between LOONA‘s fandom and Blockberry Creative, one hero emerged from the fog: @waterdeer12.

Indeed, those who deserve to be killed must be killed.

Initially international fans thought it was because LOONA had shared fanmade video made by an international fan on the official account, so Korean LOONA fans were mad at them for giving international LOONA fans attention. However, waterdeer12 clarified the issue.

Quickly this escalated into a meme, because of course it did.

It got noticed by the glorious @waterdeer12 themselves.

Then came the realization that @waterdeer12 was a memelord.

Some are concerned because the signs of crazy are there, but honestly, isn’t that true of all genius?

Why write a post about LOONA stan @waterdeer12?



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