Kang Sung Hoon (ex-SECHSKIES) revealed to be in common-law marriage with fanclub admin + her brother claims they owe him money

The controversy surrounding former SECHSKIES member Kang Sung Hoon ratcheted up another notch after a report by MBC‘s ‘True Story Of Exploration‘ revealed that he is engaged in a common-law marriage with the admin of his fanclub Hoony World. That’s relevant since it’s the fansite at the center of issues revolving around a lack of refunds for a cancelled fanmeeting and embezzlement of fanclub funds.

Basically this was revealed because her brother says he’s now in debt due to his sister and Kang Sung Hoon.

The brother of Hoony World’s moderator appeared on “True Story Exploration Party” and told his side of the story, revealing that Hoony World is registered under his name but was run by his younger sister and Kang Sung Hoon. He further shared, “My younger sister and Kang Sung Hoon are married under common law. Hoony World has no employees. Kang Sung Hoon is the head, and my sister is the plan maker. They share their profits with each other.”

The brother continued, “The amount of taxes in arrears for Hoony World are over 20 million won (approximately $18,000) and I now have bad credit. Kang Sung Hoon has not contacted me about paying me back. My sister has told me to wait, but she broke her promise three times already. I can’t get in contact with her either. They don’t seem to be willing to resolve the issue and are continuously lying, so I decided that I must reveal this.”

So a proper mess.

Additionally, Kang Sung Hoon tried to get the report stopped.

Prior to the broadcast, Kang Sung Hoon had made a request to the court to ban the broadcast on the basis of defamation. However, the 21st civil affairs department of the Seoul Western District Court dismissed the charges and the episode was broadcasted as planned.

I thought members of his fanclub suing him for fraud was about as bad as it would get, but I guess not.


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