Lovelyz’s Yein calls troll a ‘bastard’ after they harass Mijoo, company apologizes for some reason

Lovelyz‘s Mjioo recently went on V Live to do a broadcast for fans, but it wasn’t long before a troll started to leave malicious comments, which she acknowledged as she commented that she’s seeing stuff she wouldn’t say aloud.]

Of course, given their previous harassment incident, it shouldn’t be surprising as to the nature of the comments.

While that was going on, Yein was watching and reading Mijoo’s broadcast in the background and didn’t hold back when she read the comments, saying, “That bastard, why is he bitching like that?

Mijoo quickly turned around to tell her everybody could hear, but obviously it was too late, and thank god since it was definitely humanizing and it would’ve been better if she continued.

Anyway, of course Woollim Entertainment issued an apology on their behalf.

“We apologize that it took some time to check out the truth. Lovelyz and their staff are currently finishing their last schedule for their Japanese promotions. As the members were having a private conversation, the situation arose from their carelessness. They are sorry to cause their fans to worry and will be more careful in the future.”


But at least fans don’t seem to mind.


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