President of Burning Sun responds to club’s reported link to drugging women & sexual assaults

After Dispatch seemingly dropped a bombshell regarding the ongoing Burning Sun scandal, showing texts from a group chat of club staff discussing how to provide inebriated women to VIP clients for sex, the President of the club Han Dong Wan issued a response.

So basically the same story from before in which the club acknowledges the assault of a man by staff but denies any other wrongdoing. But the explanation for the Dispatch group chat texts is a bit … weird, as they don’t really deny anything as much as infer it’s a difference of interpretation and talk about how they tell the staff not to involve themselves in things like that. It just reads a lot like lawyer-speak trying to reduce potential liability and exposure to lawsuits more than any type of denial that the shady shit was happening. That’s only furthered when they go on to talk about changes to the club that definitely seem out of a PR playbook.

Furthermore, Burning Sun are distancing themselves from the merchandisers, saying they are not officially staff.

This is obviously a technicality considering the directors of the club were in the chat and participating. This part is a rather laughable attempt to redirect blame.


The bottom line is that it’s hard to believe the club’s statements unless they’re gonna claim those group chat texts are fabricated. It’s still possible police find evidence of that, but the club aren’t really even defending themselves that way, and instead seem mainly focused on damage control through distancing themselves from it.


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