HFE deny rumors that Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon was a school bully, will take legal action (hopefully not against me)

“I don’t wrestle, I fucking beat bitches up.” – Coral Smith, Scholar

The Asian Junkie curse has finally arrived as my ult Siyeon of Dreamcatcher has apparently (???) had rumors spreading around that she used to beat bitches up in school, and Happy Face Entertainment has released a statement denying it and that they will be taking legal action over it.

“Hello. This is Happy Face Entertainment. First of all, we apologize for causing concern during these happy Lunar New Year holidays due to the rumors about Dreamcatcher member Siyeon. We would like to clearly state that the online rumors currently being spread claiming that Siyeon was a bully in school are absolutely false. After confirming the facts, we have learned that Siyeon did go to the same school as the netizen who made the claims, however Siyeon was in no way involved in what that person is claiming. Happy Face Entertainment promises to request that law enforcement thoroughly investigate the matter and reveal the truth. Additionally, we will be taking legal action against defamation and malicious spreading of false rumors, and we will do our best to prevent anything like this from happening again. Once again, we regret having to bear bad news on the Lunar New Year. Have a happy new year, and we hope that you achieve all that you set out to do this year. Thank you.” 

Not sure what to say, honestly. I don’t think anybody had any idea this was even going around, and I can’t even find a source for it, but this also isn’t what a company would try to mediaplay with … so I dunno.

Of course, this is definitely on #Brand for the persona I’ve created for her. That said, hopefully HFE are not suing fucking me.


Never @ the company with a joke.

Never again!

But hey, maybe this is a sign they’re becoming semi-relevant at least.


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