[Update] YGE confirms the 2 groups from ‘YG Treasure Box’ will combine and debut as TREASURE 13 before separating

Following the ‘MIXNINE’ scandal, I guess YG is overcompensating now or something as at least on the surface he appears to randomly be throwing shit against the wall. Of course the group from ‘YG Treasure Boxwould debut as TREASURE, because they’re his own trainees, but he was also revealed to debut another group from the reality show.

Now though, it’s being reported that he will combine both the group and they will promote as one supergroup called TREASURE 13 on top of that.

On February 7, news outlet Sports Seoul reported that, according to multiple industry insiders, YG Entertainment is currently leaning towards the idea of managing the two groups together as one large umbrella group. The agency, which is reportedly referring to the members of both groups collectively as “TREASURE 13,” is said to favor the concept of having the two groups promote “both together and separately.” Should YG Entertainment decide to go with its current “two families under one roof” plan, the two new boy groups will not be given different group names, images, or styles, like WINNER and iKON (who debuted separately after appearing together on Mnet’s 2013 survival show “WIN: Who is Next?”). Instead, the two groups would promote together as one large group named “TREASURE 13,” in addition to promoting separately in their respective groups of six and seven. One insider commented, “In the past, YG struggled for a long time to achieve positive synergy after launching idol groups iKON and WINNER around the same time. It seems that they have come up with this ’13-member idol group’ plan in order to minimize the errors that come with launching two male idol groups around the same time, as well as to build a fandom as quickly as possible.”

So not only two groups from one show of 28 trainees, which is like half the contestants, but also one large combined umbrella group. Almost like a reverse LDH situation or something, except seemingly a lot less organized and planned.

I have no idea how he plans on making this work considering he can’t even give consistent comebacks to his already popular groups, but the mess potential is high, so why not?


On the official YG blog, he has confirmed the name of the second group will be MAGNUM and that the two groups will indeed combine into a supergroup called TREASURE 13 that will debut between May and July before separating into TREASURE and MAGNUM. They’ll be remaining as one entity under TREASURE 13 even then, as they will have one fandom name called Treasure Maker for both groups.


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