Burning Sun execs under investigation, including Seungri + police halt sudden dismantlement of club

Following the recent reveal that Seungri could be investigated in connection with the Burning Sun controversy, police are now reportedly doing exactly that as a part of their investigation of all the executives of the club.

An official from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department commented, “We spoke to Le Meridien Hotel and agreed to discontinue the demolition of the club.” Police are also investigating the executives of Burning Sun, including member Seungri from the group Big Bang. The police have summoned staff members to make a statement about what Seungri’s role was at the club. Accordingly, the investigators will summon Seungri and request a drug test as well, if necessary.

So Seungri himself has not been summoned yet, but police are looking into whether Seungri’s statements about his lack of direct involvement with the club were true. Really, it only makes sense that the club executives would be at least investigated given what a mess this is turning out to be.

Also, that demolition mentioned? Well in what can only be described as suspect, the club suddenly started to be torn down without the knowledge of authorities.

The club’s dismantlement began on Sunday amid allegations from victims and anonymous male clients that the club staff routinely used date rape drugs on women and literally dragged them to hotel rooms meant for male VIP guests. The Seoul metropolitan police ordered club dismantlement to stop late Wednesday, according to News 1. The report came after local newspaper Chosun Ilbo reported the club was being cleaned before evidence could be collected, as Gangnam district police, suspected of taking a laissez-faire approach to club incidents, told the paper they “didn’t know” anything about the demolition.

Well, that certainly isn’t going to alleviate concerns of a cover-up or police complicity in this scandal. So police didn’t get to collect the evidence they needed from the club, a demolition of the club was only stopped three days into the process, and the club was already being torn down less than three weeks after the President of the club went on and on about the changes they’ll make in order to continue. It’s almost as if they’re actively trying to make all this seem as shady as possible.


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