U-KISS’s Eli & Chris Brown are releasing a collab called “Gotta Have It All” … k

Chris Brown and his long history of being a fuckhead is collabing with Eli of U-KISS, who is the artist previously mentioned by Contents Deal.

Exciting news for the K-Pop scene as it has recently been announced by Contents Deal, a subsidiary of K-Star Music, that R&B king Chris Brown is among some of the international pop stars who will be collaborating with K-Pop idols along with Chinese artists in the near future. Contents Deal’s current goal seems to be to connect popular international pop stars with Asian idols in order to release collaborative works in 2019.

Ana Baby and B. Taylor will also be on the single, called “Gotta Have It All“, according to Melon.

Interpark Music released a video earlier today in which Eli talks a bit about it.

Not too late to back out, my man.


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