[Review] U Sung Eun pulls us in with latest release, “Deep”

U Sung Eun has recently comeback with “Deep” to tantalize us with her signature R&B style, and she does not fail to deliver in any regard.

“Deep” is a soulful R&B ballad that dares the listener to not get lost in its sultry sound. U Sung Eun’s vocals are certainly, and rightfully, the star of this track. This type of sound is exactly what U Sung Eun’s voice was made for, and she excels as a result. We hear her going in and out of her falsetto which adds tons of dynamic in a very simple way, without over doing any vocal acrobatics that she’s clearly capable of. All of this enhances the sexy softness of the instrumental, ending in an overall charm that feels appropriately intimate.

Within the instrumental, I love the use of the ethereal sounding violins that open but reoccur during the pre-chorus. The touches of acoustic guitar within the main refrain add depth, but also a sweetness to the chorus, and the guitar in the verses that play back and forth with U Sung Eun’s improvisations are simply lovely. This instrumental really sets a solid foundation for U Sung Eun as a vocalist to play right into it’s slinky and dreamy quality, resulting in something truly magical.

While I know most here do not enjoy ballads, I do hope people can appreciate U Sung Eun’s vocal here. I think this is a great example of how to do a soulful, sexy, R&B ballad that doesn’t feel overly melodramatic, nor does it need belt upon belt to impress. The performance speaks for itself and delivers on a sensual dream-like listening experience that feels complete from start to finish.

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