Yoochun’s ex-fiance threatens to tell all, references ‘sex crimes’ to ‘animal abuse’

The former fiance of Yoochun, Hwang Hana, recently wrote an angry and threatening post on Instagram, accusing somebody that sure sounds like her ex-fiance of a variety of illegal activities.

Hwang Hana started writing, “I’m going through all kinds of things because I met the wrong man. I have a fragile heart and can’t stand pitiful things so I’m not the type of person who can write such posts or take revenge. But I’ve been holding it in for too long, so I plan to reveal everything. I am aware writing this kind of post has no gain but only a loss on my part.” She continued to criticize the man, stating, “I have finally burst because of his cowardice and patheticness. He even called his manager and ran away after doing wrong. I heard he and his company and his family have put their heads together to come up with a dirty operation to make me the assailant. All the women who were victimized by him up till now have been in financially difficult situations so they couldn’t do anything at all but I will not be that way.” Hwang Hana said, “I, too, have made mistakes on some parts but you know you have too much, right? Sex crimes, animal abuse, assaulting women, scam, etc. I cannot stand how the rotten person is pretending to be nice and acting like nothing happened and planning to make me the bad person.” Last year in March, Hwang Hana expressed frustration about her pet dog that had been abused, while she was dating Yoochun at the time. She continued, “They say you only see what you are capable of seeing. You threw me out stating I cheated. But does it make sense for a girlfriend to be touching another man in front of her boyfriend under one roof? The manager oppa also took part in this one. I trusted you and was sincerely nice to you but how could you stab my back like this?”

So she basically gave everybody the teaser by lashing out, running down all the things she supposedly could tell everybody about, but she doesn’t actually do it.

Assuming this is about him, while the sexual assault scandal has obviously tainted Yoochun’s image, it’s worth noting that as Hwang Hana herself admits she’s always been kind of a mess on social media and it’s hard to tell what she’s serious about or not.

Guess we’ll see if anything comes of this.



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