[Event] EXO’s Baekhyun makes appearance at Privé Alliance Launch Party in Los Angeles

Industry brand launch parties are fun, liquor and food filled events that foster networking and celebration of a new product or service being offered. Unless it’s tied to a K-pop star. Then it becomes a whole different monster, entirely.

Privé Alliance is a collaboration between CEO Danyl Generican and Baekhyun of EXO, who designed the BBH Line. The ready-to-wear drop collection launched this week with the most tensely jam-packed industry launch party I’ve ever been to, thanks to EXO’s own Baekhyun as a designer being in attendance at the event. He, along with a collection of some of the hottest faces in fashion and entertainment right now, graced the red carpet looking fresh and fly in the designer streetwear. They displayed the new looks for press and everyone in attendance; my personal favorite being the white satin bomber jacket with the key lime green embroidered logo worn by the absolutely stunning Chris Baris on the red carpet.

When Baekhyun stepped on to the red carpet and I felt the rush of people crowd in behind and around me to get a clear view of him. He stood composed and stylish in the designer fashion, he sparked a smile, and flashes fired instantaneously around us. He’s otherworldly with his impish face and casual demeanor. He was also surrounded by four massive security guards and one interpreter as he fielded quick interviews with mics practically shoved into his face.

Once the red carpet cleared, along with the rest of the VIP guests we wandered into the actual club only to be met by a solid wall of EXO-Ls. The venue was full to the brim with fans who’d purchased tickets to the launch party just to catch a glimpse of their fave.  According to insiders, fans had started lining up for the launch party at 11 AM that morning, waiting seven hours in the California sun.

The DJ spun hip-hop in both English and Korean as the flimsy TSA line retractable barrier held back fans three feet from the stage. The moment Baekhyun stepped out on that stage in dark jeans, silvery white and navy blue satin crepe flowy button down, with his top few buttons akimbo, that barrier completely dissolved under the rush of fans who pressed security like flower petals in between book pages.

He thanked everyone for being there with him for the launch of his new line, talked about how excited he was to show everyone the product, and … left the stage.

And then the fashion show started. Professional models stomped it out to infectious beats as they paraded the new designs across the stage. Fans screamed just as hard as if Baekhyun had performed, cheering for the models as they walked the runway. Kudos to the models for holding a straight face in a completely different environment than they are used to! Most fashion shows are subdued events as fashion is treated like art, being displayed for the first time to a room full of critical eyes. Today, they were treated like rock stars with screams and cheers from a room full of adoring fans.

As the models completed their final parade, the music continued and the actual industry party began. Fans stood pressed to each other, waiting for what, I’m not sure. The event notice listed the itinerary and now was the time to party and celebrate the launch.

Industry insiders mingled up in the VIP section of the club as we wandered back into the patio garden to assess the night. Press chatted cheerily about the event, Baekhyun, and the new fashion line.

Now we’re all looking forward to the new pop-up shop, which is open at Acrostics on Melrose.


Thank you to Privé Alliance for allowing Asian Junkie to participate in this event! Also, a thank you is owed to the Asian Junkie readers who tipped us off to this event! We see you!

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