CocoSori officially disband, Sori briefly addresses the situation for first time

MOL Entertainment announced the inevitable recently, which was that CocoSori had disbanded. They also mentioned that they are in the process of terminating their contract with Coco.

It was inevitable given the drama surrounding Coco and Sori, primarily what Coco was saying about Sori and the company, which resulted in the company taking legal action against her.

Well, I do like Sori at least, and she has remained silent and has just kept doing her thing throughout all this, but finally she briefly addressed CocoSori in a recent video.

Oh my god, CocoSori disbanded.

🙁 🙁 🙁

Anyway, back to “I’m Ready“.

But Coco is actually right in a way. For all the joking and snarking, we don’t know them personally and their company being shady as fuck wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

Still, most of the criticism directed at Coco isn’t grounded in her beef with the company as much as her dragging Sori into her mess when the worst thing Sori allegedly did was Coco’s dubious claim that she wasn’t told that Sori was continuing with music and getting a solo, if that’s even considered a betrayal or whatever. A lot of it just comes off as petty and entitled, and it’s not like it was ever Sori’s fault that basically everybody who evaluated them (‘Real Girls Project‘/’The Unit‘/’MIXNINE‘/MOL Entertainment) thought Sori had more potential.

Anyway, I’m sure more will be coming out over time, and it’s honestly kind of amazing that this duo ended up giving us premium drama, and the attention shown to it has probably ended up getting more attention than they ever did prior.


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