EXID’s Hani apologizing for not being able to take a fan gift is the best

I’m about a month late on this, but back on February 8, Hani of EXID was at Gimpo International Airport departing for Japan for promotions there. At the airport, she received gifts from waiting fans, but she couldn’t go through customs with one of the gifts she was given.

Instead of just handing it off to a manager and going on her way, which would’ve been justified, she instead popped out to look for the fan and told her to send it to the company and she’ll pick it up, but she’ll take the letter now. More than the words though, it was her expressions in the video that made it noteworthy, as they were adorable.


Hani is great.

Also, an unrelated clip, but in case you were wondering, EXID is indeed still a mess.



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