Takeuchi Miyu (ex-AKB48) signs with Mystic Entertainment

Following news of Takahashi Juri signing with Woollim Entertainment, former AKB48 member and ‘Produce 48‘ contestant Takeuchi Miyu has signed with Korean company Mystic Entertainment.

On March 8, Mystic Entertainment revealed, “We recently signed an exclusive contract with Takeuchi Miyu. Through Mnet’s ‘Produce 48,’ Takeuchi Miyu received recognition not only for her skilled voice, but also for her ability to compose. In order for her to create great synergy with the musical colors of Mystic, we will provide support starting with training.”

After she shot to relevance in Korea through the ‘Produce’ series, and gained a lot of attention for her YouTube channel, this move appeared inevitable as her prospects overseas were better than they were as an AKB48 member.

That said, I do wonder what type of career they have in mind for her and it should be interesting to see what direction they take it. I assume it’ll be a solo venture as the company isn’t really known for idol groups (Brown Eyed Girls, but they aren’t really).


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