Kang Daniel retains lawyer for ongoing contractual dispute with agency

Kang Daniel has retained a high-profile lawyer for his ongoing contractual dispute with LM Entertainment, and this doesn’t exactly seem like the type of move that one makes to just amicably settle the issue.

On March 7, it was revealed that Kang Daniel appointed lawyer Seon Jong Moon, who was a lawyer and legal representative for several legal disputes in the entertainment industry. Some of his clients were Kim Hyun Joong’s ex-girlfriend in her paternity dispute with the singer and MADTOWN in their conflict with their agency. Lawyer Seon Jong Moon is currently communicating with LM Entertainment on Kang Daniel’s behalf, and on March 7, he told news outlet Xportsnews, “The discussion has not advanced since the day the certification of contents was sent. I have nothing else to tell you at this point.”

The truth of this issue certainly seems closer to the media reports about contract termination than anything minor that could be resolved quickly like the company tried to pass them off as.


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