Multiple celebs revealed to be a part of Seungri’s alleged prostitution group texts, are now under investigation

Ever since the story originally broke, people have been wondering about the involvement of other celebrities in Seungri‘s alleged prostitution group texts. Well they might get answers as multiple celebrities connected to the scandal are now under investigation by police and have been called in for interrogation, including at least one active entertainer.

The police explained that an investigation unit from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency called in some of the celebrities who were in the group chat as witnesses and interrogated them about the conversation that was exchanged in the chatroom. It is not clear whether the celebrities had said anything in the chatroom or cooperated with those who were actively participating in it. According to Yonhap News’s report, singer “A,” who debuted as a singer and is actively appearing on TV, was one of the celebrities in the group chat.

All of the celebrities are reportedly facing similar charges to Seungri.

It’s worth noting that this is coming from the police, and it’s unclear if they are even operating with all the correct information since it’s not clear if the Anti-Corruption And Civil Rights Commission (ACCRC) has involved them yet.

Since Seungri has been named, I think it only makes sense that the others are as well. Though I do wonder whether the public will be satisfied with getting them while the people they were in business with skate. We’ll see.


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