Companies of both Jung Joon Young (Make Us) & Seungri (YGE) announce termination of contract

Following his apology where he admits to his many crimes, Jung Joon Young has had his contract terminated today by his company Make Us Entertainment.

Hello, this is MAKEUS Entertainment. This is a statement regarding Jung Joon Young. Last night, Jung Joon Young sent his statement of apology to the agency, and we relayed Jung Joon Young’s statement without any modifications. With this incident, the agency has judged that we can no longer maintain our contract with Jung Joon Young. As a result, the agreement was made to terminate the contract as of March 13, 2019 with singer Jung Joon Young, who signed with our label Label M in January 2019. However, we feel a deep sense of responsibility for this incident that occurred due to an artist of our agency, and we will fulfill our duties until the end so that Jung Joon Young can diligently cooperate with investigations and trials as he revealed in his letter of apology. We once again express our apologies for causing trouble due to an unfortunate situation.

Then following Seungri being booked for his alleged violation of anti-prostitution law and involvement in the group chats, and subsequently retiring from the industry, his contract with YG Entertainment was terminated.

Hello, this is YG Entertainment. Starting with the assault case at the club that Seungri participated in, various suspicions and controversies have continuously arisen. We bow our heads and express deep apologies for causing trouble to many people including fans. On March 12, following the announcement of Seungri’s retirement, YG agreed to Seungri’s request and decided to terminate his exclusive contract. YG acknowledges that as a management company, we were not able to manage thoroughly, and we are deeply reflecting. Lastly, YG realizes the need for extensive reform and promises to put in our full effort into achieving this together with all of our staff.

YGE is officially saying that it was at Seungri’s request, though a producer from the company didn’t seem to agree that it was voluntary.

Either way, honestly these moves aren’t all that significant since neither were going to be doing much for the duration of their remaining contracts with the company anyway.


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