Kush sentenced to 4 years probation for 2017 purchase/use of cocaine (I know, right?)

Back in December of 2017, former YG Entertainment producer and rapper Kush was booked for cocaine use, which he admitted to at the time. Despite this admission, only recently did he receive his final sentence of four years probation with 30 months in prison should he violate it.

On March 18, the Seoul Central District Court sentenced Kush to two years and six months in prison and suspended the sentence for four years. He was given 80 hours of probation and drug treatment, as well as a fine of 875,000 won (approximately $772). The court stated, “Drug-related crimes are very dangerous because they can cause great harm to the individual and society as a whole due to the addictive nature [of drugs]. However, because he admits to his crime and sincerely reflects on himself, his sentence will be suspended for the last time.”

Could this not have been resolved at a worse time for YGE? Good lord.

But look, the most important thing is that I can’t get over the fact that he was in a group called Stony Skunk and his stage name is Kush and he got busted doing coke. Where’s the fucking authenticity nowadays, man?


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