Seungri mocks Korean laws that facilitate tax evasion in new chats + senior police officer & 3 others booked on suspicion of corruption

Following the arrest of an ex-police officer on bribery allegations connected to Burning Sun and the Gangnam police, the senior superintendent who is suspected of having ties to the Seungri/Jung Joon Young/Yoo In Suk group chat has been booked.

The police have booked Senior Superintendent Yoon, who was previously suspected of misusing his position to help cover up criminal activity in the ongoing chatroom controversy, as a suspect.

In addition, there are three others within the police who are suspected of corruption.

On March 18, Commissioner General Won Kyung Hwan of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency stated in a press conference, “We have reassigned Senior Superintendent Yoon to another station, and as of yesterday, we have also taken the same measures for three employees affiliated with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency who are under suspicion of corrupt ties.” He added, “We will take severe measures against anyone connected to the suspicions of corruption, regardless of their rank.” The police are in the process of booking the three employees as well as Senior Superintendent Yoon. They will be charged with leaking official confidential information. Lee Myung Kyo, head of the Investigation Department at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, stated, “We have obtained a testimony that [the witness] received a request from Senior Superintendent Yoon to ‘look into whether the police agency was informed of the issue we cracked down and whether it is worthy of such action.’ There are additional aspects we must verify, such as what information he conveyed, through whom he conveyed it, and how he conveyed it.”

We’ll see where the investigation into police corruption goes from here, but while it’s a step in the right direction that some of this is being rooted out now, it’s not the best for the credibility of their past work.

On that note, in recently released texts, Seungri and a business partner named Mr. Park mock Korean laws as shit and basically help facilitate tax evasion, and how if you get caught you just have to bribe people.

Mr. Park : To put it simply, the way XXX operates is also illegal but it’s tricky to prohibit/restrict legally so everyone’s keeping it on the down low.
Seungri: We don’t have a problem. If there’s a crackdown just hand over a little money.
Seungri: Progress. Talk with OO-hyung.
Mr. Park: OK!
Seungri: “Korean law is like (censored obscene language). That’s why I love it.”

So basically Seungri is talking to his business partner about registering establishments under a different category to evade greater taxation.

Mr. Park: It’s nice how the law is so vague.
Mr. Park: Since the law is so vague, even if they get caught, the business owners file a lawsuit right away.
Seungri: We can say that they were moving, not dancing.

They are supposedly talking about the Mapo-gu ordinance that allows them to register what are basically clubs as a general restaurant as long as customers dance at their seat, though as we know through Kuki News that stipulation was heavily abused.

Furthermore, he discussed a Japanese businessman who invested in Yuri Holdings with Choi Jong Hoon.

Seungri: The CEO gave yen in cash (he’s referring to a Japanese CEO, Seungri’s business partner).
Choi Jong Hoon: 8 million yen? (about 72,000 USD)
Seungri: 8.8 million yen (about 79,000 USD)
Seungri: It changes with the exchange rate, kekeke.

Businessman, huh? Construction like before?

Seungri and Mr. Kim then basically acknowledge that they are effectively running a nightclub, while talking about the Seungri, Jung Joon Young, and Choi Jong Hoon owned bar Mildang Poca, with Mr. Kim hoping they don’t get hit with tax evasion.

Seungri: I can’t tell if it’s a bar (pocha) or a nightclub, keke.
Mr. Kim: If a rumor gets started, we won’t receive a tax bomb, right? Kekekekeke.


Burning Sun, Seungri, and many clubs linked to YG are under investigation for tax evasion for using the exact scheme they’re talking about here. The fact that they’re openly mocking the law and that they say they can bribe police if they get caught probably won’t help them with the egos of government officials who won’t like being humiliated.


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