Police say they have statement connecting Seungri to providing prostitution, will request arrest warrant for Jung Joon Young

Just as discussion started up about the difficulties of actually connecting Seungri to criminal charges, police have revealed that they have a statement connecting Seungri to prostitution.

The Seoul District Police revealed, “We have received quite a relevant confession related to Seungri’s charges on acting as a liaison to prostitution. We are also looking into suspicions of overseas prostitution and gambling.” The police said they could not reveal the details of the confession as investigations were underway, but said, “It’s about what most people know.”

Depending on the credibility of the witness, this could be major, and if it’s somebody directly involved in the group chat that would probably be enough for something. Then again, it’s the police, so who knows.

In perhaps related news that snitches-gets-stitches-but-hey-this-is-fine, Jung Joon Young has reportedly admitted he was in the wrong (which he had already said before) and police plan to have an arrest warrant issued for him, but they have not decided to do so for Seungri at the moment.

The police have decided to request an arrest warrant for Jung Joon Young for violating the act on Special Cases concerning the Punishment, etc. of Sexual Violence Crimes. On March 18, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Provincial Special Detective Division revealed that they summoned Jung Joon Young for a second round of questioning the night before.

However, the police do not have plans to issue a warrant for Seungri yet.

Tacking onto that, as had previously been mentioned before, Jung Joon Young did indeed have another report against him in late 2018 with regards to hidden camera stuff, but the prosecutor’s office would not issue a warrant for investigation so thing stalled out.

On March 16, MBN reported that Jung Joon Young had been the target of an investigation from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Sophisticated Crime Investigation Unit about hidden camera footage in November 2018. The 2018 investigation was separate from the investigation in 2016 when Jung Joon Young was accused by an ex-girlfriend of sexual assault. She later withdrew the charges. The 2018 investigation was begun when the Sophisticated Crime Investigation Unit was tipped off by an informant. The accusation reportedly involved a number of female victims and more than one perpetrator. Moreover, it is alleged that the perpetrators coerced the female victims into sleeping with them by promising to help them find careers in the entertainment industry in exchange. However, the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office rejected the police’s request for a search and seizure warrant for a mobile phone restoration company that reportedly had the hidden camera footage. The police were told that they needed to conduct further investigation on the company, not just the informant. When the police went to the company, the company informed them that they had the hidden camera footage but could not release them without a warrant. The police again requested the warrant, but the prosecutor’s office refused. It is reported that the prosecutor’s office considered the case similar to the 2016 investigation and decided that a warrant was not necessary. However, the MBN reporters pointed out that the context and the number of victims was entirely different in the 2018 case.

Who knows if they just felt they couldn’t be bothered or if something worse was at play in that decision?

Guessing that’s why for this scandal the informant decided authorities couldn’t be trusted for either reasons of incompetence or corruption, and went to a lawyer and the press, and this kind of story is exactly what journalists are for.


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