Jung Joon Young reportedly wiped data from a phone before submitting it to police, hires former high-ranking prosecutor as lawyer

In wow-who-could-have-seen-that-coming-except-everybody news, Jung Joon Young has reportedly reset one of his three phones before handing it in to police and thus obviously potentially destroying evidence, according to TV Chosun.

The police have now said that during the analysis of the three phones that Jung Joon Young submitted, they found that he had attempted to destroy evidence. The “golden phone” was submitted as it was, and so was a phone that he has been using up until recently. The other phone had been reset to its factory default settings, and all the data has been deleted. The police have therefore been unable to restore the data on one of Jung Joon Young’s phones. When the court announced Jung Joon Young’s arrest on the evening of March 21, it was stated that one of the reasons for his arrest were concerns about destruction of evidence considering the condition and contents of key physical evidence.

Wow, who could’ve seen this issue coming except basically everybody who has been following the case.

In perhaps related news, along with Seungri‘s former police officer lawyer, Jung Joon Young has hired a former high-ranking prosecutor as his lawyer, according to MBN.

During the March 22 broadcast of the show, MBN revealed that Jung Joon Young appointed a former high-ranking prosecutor who was an expert in public security investigations as his lawyer. In response to this report, police stated, “Although we’re receiving investigation directions from the prosecution, the investigation will not be particularly affected by this just because [the lawyer] is a former [prosecutor].” Some, however, are concerned about the possibility of the lawyer using his ties to influence the prosecution when the case is transferred from the police to the prosecution. During a phone interview with MBN and Kim Hyun, a former president of the Korean Bar Association, Kim Hyun stated, “You can use your connections to influence the prosecution’s investigation while you’re in your current post. This is a common notion.”

None of this is that rare in itself, but it’s just noticeable in this case because corruption of authorities is central to it.


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