Kim Lim, daughter of billionaire Peter Lim, disputes her involvement in Seungri’s defense for his ongoing prostitution scandal

While Seungri has already been shown to be a part of the hidden camera group chat, it’s still up in the air whether he’ll actually be held legally responsible for anything he’s been accused of. In one of his recent interviews done by him and his lawyer, he explained the messages regarding allegedly providing prostitution for favors at the club Arena, saying that the woman (apparently Kim Lim, daughter of billionaire and Valencia FC owner Peter Lim) was from Singapore, she wasn’t an investor, and the girls were for her.

The lawyer also spoke on the allegations that Seungri had mediated prostitution that were reported on in February. He said, “The reports say Seungri spoke to Mr. Kim to prepare a place at Club Arena and invite women for ‘A,’ who is from Taiwan, and her party,” and “The ‘A’ here is a long-time (female) friend of Seungri and is Singaporean. She has no connection to Seungri’s businesses whatsoever, and her occupation has nothing to do with investments either. There were misunderstandings that ‘A’ was an investor in Burning Sun, but that is not true.” He continued, “‘A’ was in Korea on holiday but as Seungri was in Nagoya for a concert, he was unable to look after her. So through Mr. Kim, he wanted to introduce her to a female travel companion to shop with her while she was in Seoul.” The police has also conducted an investigation into the acquaintances of Mr. Kim who were introduced to “A” through Mr. Kim. When asked about the text messages stating that men were sent to the hotel room, the lawyer replied, “They were friends ‘A’ brought with her, and it can be assumed that the text messages were referring to sending them to the hotel they’d be staying at.” The lawyer stated, “The text messages that were reported didn’t include the initial conversation [of finding travel companions] for A. This part was omitted and only the parts that would catch people’s attention were released.”

Okay, but according to Kim Lim on her Instagram Stories from a couple hours ago, that was only partially true, as she did indeed to go Arena but any girls being talked about were not related to her.

So Kim Lim is saying it’s true that she is/was friends with Seungri, it’s true that she went to Arena, and it’s true that Seungri got her a table. However, she strongly disputes her involvement in his defense for the prostitution scandal that the girls they were discussing were for her or her group. Furthermore, she states she had zero knowledge of the alleged criminal activity and stated that before the scandal broke she received a weird call from Seungri about the incident.

Given his lack of credibility in regards to explaining this scandal thus far, it’s definitely easier to believe her side, but I guess more might emerge later. Regardless, eventually throwing everybody else under the bus was eventually going to bite him.


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