Seungri admits to being in hidden cam group chat & seeing videos, but claims he tried to stop Jung Joon Young & others + basically victimizes himself

Seungri fans have spent the last couple weeks yelling at anybody who judged him as a shitty dude, claiming that everything was a witch hunt and Seungri was just caught up with the wrong people. But even if one were to ignore the credible accusations against him on crimes ranging from tax evasion to providing prostitution for favors to connections with police corruption, the reason I switched from wait-and-see mode to this-dude-sucks mode was due to the simple fact that Seungri was in the hidden camera group chats.

Stans have been getting upset at people who pointed out that reality since that story broke, and it has escalated of late, with them generally relying on fandom translations that are either purposefully meant to mislead them or the stans themselves misinterpreted it to fit what they wanted to be true just so they could claim he was also morally in the clear (as well as legally so far).

Well, I did a thread this morning about it with receipts as I was sorta fed up with addressing it individually.

As luck would have it, another person who has been following this scandal closely and translating it also had the same idea, as she was also getting harassed by stans. Well, she ended up pointed out something I had missed in that the lawyer who was sent the documents directly from the source had also put Seungri in the group chats where hidden camera stuff was shared.

As you can see, she also explained why Seungri likely won’t face criminal charges for being a participant in the hidden camera group chat as long as he himself didn’t send any hidden camera videos or photos.

Of course, as I’ve discussed around these parts before, there’s a difference between legality and morality. And while Seungri may yet be cleared of the former, he certainly cannot be cleared of the latter at this point.


Okay, so that brings us to moments ago, when in an interview with the Chosun Ilbo, Seungri admits that he was indeed in the hidden camera group chat and saw the videos that were posted but defended himself by claiming that he tried to stop Jung Joon Young and others, but it just wasn’t shown in the hidden camera group chat.

Additionally, he explained that he only claimed the messages were fabricated at first because he couldn’t remember them from years ago so that’s what he assumed.

Dude somehow managed to actually play the victim in this, lamenting that nobody will believe him and stuff. It’s an amazing stance to take while not having given a fuck about the victims in any capacity thus far. The attempt to pander to fans with this and also give them sort of an out to continue stanning him with is blatant and shameless. Amazing in a way.

Anyway, it’s unclear how anybody rational can believe Seungri’s excuses morally exonerates him or something. Even if he did tell Jung Joon Young and others that they should stop with the hidden camera bullshit, and at some point in the future they testify to that fact, he certainly didn’t care enough to do anything substantial and all Seungri himself says is he was worried they could get into legal trouble. Not that he felt what they were doing was ethically fucked or that he felt any empathy for the victims, just concerned about getting caught violating the law. Regardless, as we can see clearly in the messages we do have, Seungri not only was a bystander but also gleefully participated, going as far to laugh about a woman that may have been raped that was being filmed without her consent. So honestly, enough with the apologia already, man.


As for the rest of the interview, it can be read here. Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot more to it. Seungri essentially claims he got involved with the wrong crowd and that was a mistake he regrets, but that oppa didn’t mean any of it.


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