[Review] Everglow debut with an energetic treat in “Bon Bon Chocolat”

Everglow, whose members include two ‘Produce 48‘ members and a member of ‘Idol School‘ , have debuted under Yuehua Entertainment. Their debut single, “Bon Bon Chocolat“, marks a bold, energetic, and performance driven sound for the group that certainly does not bore.

The minute the track starts it sets the tone for the entire song. It’s energy packed and while there’s a lot going on, I think it is quite successful in all they managed to shove into this. It doesn’t feel overloaded, but exciting while still feeling evenly paced. I think that’s because the beat is grounded and consistent throughout the various transitions, only dropping out or to half time to create more dynamic and drama appropriately.

I think it’s very obvious this group is performance driven. The vocals are heavily produced (for lack of a better term since I don’t know what specific effects are actually being used), but it doesn’t bother me in the least. I quite enjoy the metallic sound of the vocals along with the instrumental. Other things work towards their advantage as well, like the sassy flicks at the end of phrasing in the pre-chorus & chorus itself. Even during the bridge where I think the vocal effects are most obvious, the layering along with the harmony is down right pretty. (Reminiscent of how artists like Perfume and Imogen Heap have used vocal effects in their music.)

Also, shoutout to the marching band-esque horns in the chorus as the unsung heroes of the entire track.

I do think a part of the success of the track is due to the visuals within the music video, which helped emphasize all the right moments, including the girls individually. The girls were sassy, enigmatic, and most of all charming.

While each girl had her moment to stand out, the orange set showcasing the girls as a unit during the choreography were particular highlight scenes for me.

Everglow’s debut certainly shines, delivering on a visual treat that highlights the girls performance strengths. Neither the song nor the video disappoint, but the two paired together make for a more complete and exciting experience, which I believe is intended with this group. “Bon Bon Chocolat” excels with the girls visually magnetic performance, and I wouldn’t want to enjoy it any other way.

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