[Update] Seungri admits to sharing illegally-taken footage in group chat, according to police + now 11 charges against Jung Joon Young & 3 charges against Choi Jong Hoon

Seungri had previously admitted to being in the hidden camera group chat, where in at least one instance he laughed at a video of a victim that appeared to be getting raped. However, it didn’t seem likely that he would be charged as there wasn’t any evidence of him actually distributing or sending hidden camera stuff himself.

That may now change, as police have announced that they have booked him on charges of spreading illegally-taken footage in the group chat.

On March 28, the Seoul National Police Agency revealed that they additionally booked Seungri for charges of spreading illegally taken footage. The police specified that Seungri spread illegally taken photos.

Police also mentioned that the content was different than what was shared by Jung Joon Young, and thus they are continuing to investigate whether the photo was shot by him or somebody else.

As far as the providing of prostitution allegations, those are still being investigated.

Regarding the suspicions of Seungri’s prostitution mediation, the police said, “We are continuing to extensively check testimonies from some people in relation [to the allegations]. During a municipal meeting two weeks ago, the head of the criminal investigation department stated that ‘there is a credible testimony in relation to [Seungri’s] alleged prostitution mediations,’ but we have come further than that as of now.”

Obviously this would call into question his previous claims of just being a bystander in the group chat, at least in terms of sending illegal content himself.


Additionally, police found three more instances of illegal footage against Jung Joon Young and one more instance against Choi Jong Hoon, bringing the charges against them to 11 and 3, respectively.

The police said, “Following the arrest of Jung Joon Young, we confirmed that there were three more instances of [him] spreading illegally taken footage. We plan to forward them to the prosecution on March 29. With three new instances added onto the original eight instances, [Jung Joon Young is charged with] 11 instances of sharing illegally taken footage.” The police also shared that Jung Joon Young tested negative for drug testing.

Regarding Choi Jong Hoon, the police stated that they found one additional instance of [him] sharing illegally taken videos and photos on top of the two original instances. They further explained, “We will have to continue with the investigation to figure out who filmed it, but the individual himself (Choi Jong Hoon) acknowledged the act. This is different from the videos Jung Joon Young shared.”

Quite frankly, I’m surprised they could only find that many instances against Jung Joon Young, so I guess the Choi Jong Hoon instances makes sense in that regard.

Anyway, at least things do seem to be progressing legally, even if the other alleged crimes haven’t been accounted for yet.


Seungri has now admitted to spreading illegal footage but denies taking it, according to police.

A source from the police further revealed, “Seungri admitted that he spread illegally taken footage. However, he is arguing that he did not film the footage himself, but spread it after receiving it [from someone else].” The source continued, “[The footage that Seungri spread] was sent to the [controversial] chatroom of Seungri and another group chatroom. We are currently checking to see who filmed the footage.”

Not sure how much more obvious Seungri can make it at this point that he is simply going the route of denying and lying until the evidence is able to show otherwise and then he scrambles excuses from there until it’s not possible anymore.


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