Jung Joon Young/Seungri molka group chats reportedly involved 14 people + members changed phones following discussion after story broke

While there were previously eight known individuals who participated in the hidden camera group chats that were found on Jung Joon Young‘s phone, it was also reported that Jung Joon Young had a whole bunch of group chats, so the potential for the amount of people involved to expand was always there.

Well, it’s now being reported by MBC that there were 14 individuals involved, including two other identified but yet unnamed singers.

The chatrooms reportedly included Jung Joon Young, Seungri, Choi Jong Hoon, and Yong Junhyung, with eight singers in total. This includes newly identified singers referred to by MBC as “singer K” and “singer J.” There was also model L, businessmen such as former Yuri Holdings CEO Yoo In Suk, two Burning Sun MDs (merchandisers or promoters), and a friend of Jung Joon Young.

One of the unnamed singers has said that they do remember the group chat, but do not remember anything illegal going on.

When reached out to for a comment, a representative of singer K said that they do remember being in a chatroom with Jung Joon Young, but not the sharing of illegal photos.

Right. We’ll see when the names are revealed, and I’m assuming that’s coming sooner than later.

Anyway, the report also provides details on how many of Jung Joon Young’s group chats were where hidden camera content was shared and how many people they consisted of.

There are said to be seven chatrooms where hidden camera videos were shared, which had as few as three to four people or as many as six to seven people.

Right, so there were a bunch of them with all kinds of configurations of participants.

Additionally, it’s revealed that Mr. Kim may have filmed and shared a sexual video with a victim that owed him money, raising the potential for blackmail to be involved.

The police have found in their investigation that after videos were shared in the chatrooms, the participants would talk about them as though bragging. In addition, Seungri’s acquaintance Mr. Kim filmed a sexual video of a victim who owed him a debt. He said, “Should I release this video if she doesn’t pay up?” and shared the video in a chatroom.

The police also revealed details on Jung Joon Young’s illegal activities.

MBC also reports some of what the police have found while investigating Jung Joon Young. In 2016, he shared a photo of a woman’s body in a chatroom with male celebrity friends. The photo was of a woman who was sitting ahead of him on an airplane. 30 seconds later, he sent the photo in another chatroom with celebrity friends. Police have found that he filmed women in locations including a hotel in Taiwan, his apartment, a restaurant in Gangnam, an adult entertainment establishment, and in an airplane. The videos were also shared at various times of the day, including the middle of the night and the afternoon. Most of the videos are less than 10 seconds long, and were taken without the woman’s awareness.

Guess I should’ve expected news like this, but it is definitely a bit unreal how this continues to get worse.

Of course, one thing that may keep it from getting much worse is that the members had all changed their phones, which is probably at least partially because there were discussions about destroying evidence.

MBC received investigation reports from the police that state that Seungri, Jung Joon Young, Choi Jong Hoon, and other members of the controversial group chatrooms had all changed their phones. It was revealed that when it was first reported on March 11 that there had been illegally filmed videos shared in their group chatrooms, they discussed switching their phones. The police found that Seungri said to Choi Jong Hoon, “Change your phone.” Jung Joon Young also testified to police that he had gotten rid of his phone at his show’s filming location in Los Angeles and bought a new one, as instructed to by Mr. Park, a member of the chatroom. When he returned to Korea from the United States, he claimed that he submitted all of his phones with videos to the police, even though he’d gotten rid of his phone that is suspected of containing more recent illegally filmed videos. Six other members of the chatrooms including Seungri and others submitted new phones to the police after changing their phones. Because of this organized destruction of evidence, the police have not been able to check their recent phones. This is why the investigation has mostly been focused on illegal activities that took place in 2015 and 2016.

As expected by anybody with common sense, the time the authorities gave the suspects before any search and seizure occurred allowed them to destroy evidence.

Obviously it makes the group chat participants look guilty as hell to anybody with common sense, but in terms of what they can be legally held accountable for, it’s obviously worth it for those involved to destroy as much as possible.


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