[Review] KARD seem to put themselves back on the right track with “Bomb Bomb”

KARD felt like they had run out of steam last year, and they weren’t given much of a boost by their company DSP Media either. While I seemed to be one of the few who never actually tired of their better tropical-pop efforts, “Ride On The Wind” couldn’t even satisfy that preference of mine. As such they seemed due for a bit of a rebranding, and “Bomb Bomb” provides exactly that for them.

Gotta say, it’s hard not to love the change in direction here. It still has vague ties to their past work, but the aggressiveness dial got turned up and that fits the group like a glove. The instrumental is a bombastic moombahton joint powered by pounding beats and dirty brass, which quite frankly can be a bit much at times but it fell within the acceptable range for me.

The balance of the members is probably their best yet, and that truly helps take advantage of their unique setup, especially during the verses. Of course, as with their past work, the chorus features an instrumental drop. And as with their past work, a large part of whether you believe the song works depends on how you feel about it. I lean towards it being a success, at least in part because this is music made for performance and the instrumental certainly allows the members to do that.

It’s hard to talk about this comeback and not talk about the stellar visuals being presented. Yes, the sets work as well, but the members themselves look amazing.

While I’m leaning towards enjoying the raucous nature of “Bomb Bomb”, I’m admittedly unsure of how the song will age. It’ll largely depend on how endearing and memorable I find the instrumental and the “bomb bomb bomb” hook, but regardless, I’m excited for this new chapter for KARD as it feels like they definitely have righted the ship with this comeback.


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